Monday, January 26, 2009

Spinal Monday

Below is the description of an incident that occurred at the Carson Animal Shelter in March 2005. This incident is referred to internally by the Department of Animal "Care" and Control as Spinal Monday.

There was one rabbit in a cage that was so small it couldn’t move. It had no food or water. The other cages were very old and filthy. There was rotting vegetation (black wilted lettuce) in the cages and flies were swarming all over it. The rabbits were standing on the food and defecating and urinating on it. Several cages were overcrowded. It was very warm in the room and odor of rotten veggies and feces and urine was overwhelming. There was an aborted rabbit fetus on the wire floor and one of the rabbits started to nibble on it. There were cages stacked on top of each other. One rabbit had severe injuries to its eyes and the eyes were ulcerated. This rabbit was being attacked by the other rabbits.

There was a rabbit that had been in the cage with an exposed spinal cord for OVER one week. The rabbit was still alive, bones exposed and all. A volunteer had complained when she saw it on a Saturday. Marcia Mayeda got the message on a Monday; one week after the volunteer saw it. As such, this delayed DACC administrative staff from going out to the Carson Animal Shelter to investigate.

Medical treatment was ordered for 3-4 of the rabbits. They all had to be put to sleep immediately.