Friday, February 15, 2008

Cindy Bemis is at it again

In Marcia Mayeda's interview with the Los Angeles Times, she stated, "In her report, Mayeda says the dog should have been moved out of the shelter sooner and notes that Zephyr was on hold for a month. "You can't put a hold on an animal and keep it in limbo," Mayeda said in an interview." If that's the case, then why did the Department of Animal Care and Control not work expeditiously to get Cindy Bemis' dogs out of the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter? Those dogs have been at Baldwin Park for almost 2 years.

Below are photos of Cindy Bemis' property taken this morning. She's at it again collecting dogs. Cindy Bemis' property is located in Mojave which is in Kern County. It's out of the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County, and animal control in Kern County seems to have the same attitude as Los Angeles County.

Lancaster is home to numerous animal hoarders, including Ivan Callais, and look at the great job Los Angeles County did handling Ivan. They just about gave him a get out of jail free card with Tony Bell telling the press, "The bottom line is that the animals were never in harm’s way. Reports on the deplorable conditions were exaggerated." Animal hoarders paradise, aka Lancaster, falls under the district of Michael Antonovich, the same Supervisor in charge of the Department of Animal Care and Control.


Anonymous said...

That's a real mess there. Look how many dogs there are just loose in that yard.

Who is that person in the chair? Is the person dead or alive on the left top corner of the jpg?

Anonymous said...

Why does Kern County let Cindy Bemis keep all those dogs in those freezing cold conditions when she has 20 felonies in Kern County and 15 misdemeanor charges of cruelty in San Bernardino County? It defies logic, but I guess these animal shelters don't care about the animals; only their perceived image. Right?

Anonymous said...

Is that Cindy Bemis herself in that chair?! What a mess! Those poor dogs!!!!

Anonymous said...

The dogs from the raid nearly two years ago are STILL SITTING AT THE BALDWIN PARK SHELTER! April 18 this year will be exactly two years.

What is she doing about this? Oh I forget, she does not care and neither does Gloria Molina whose first district oversees the Baldwin Park shelter. Time for a recall. Molina does not care, boot her out and get someone in who WILL listen to the public. Apparently she thinks the public are idiotic and she herself is being fooled by Mayeda. How ironic... she who thinks herself so intelligent and such is being fooled by a pathological liar Marcia Mayeda.